Mike Roman, Director of Special Projects and Research for Trump (indicted)

Roman was indicted under RICO charges in Fulton County, Georgia, related to activities attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

Mike Roman is a name associated with political strategy and operations, particularly known for his work with the Trump administration. He gained notable attention for his role in the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Early Career and Background

  • Mike Roman’s early career details are somewhat obscure, but he is known for his involvement in conservative politics and election monitoring.
  • His work often focused on areas like voter fraud and election integrity, topics that are critical in political strategy and campaign management.

Association with Donald Trump

  • Roman’s most prominent role came during the 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump. He was appointed as the Director of Election Day Operations for the Trump campaign.
  • In this role, Roman was responsible for overseeing the operations related to monitoring voting and polling places. This task was significant given the contentious nature of the 2016 election.

Post-2016 Election Role

  • Following Trump’s victory, Roman continued to be involved in various capacities. His specific roles and duties during the Trump presidency, however, are not extensively documented.
  • He was often associated with strategies related to voter monitoring and combating alleged voter fraud, a consistent theme in his career.

Controversies and Crime Allegations

  • Mike Roman has been a controversial figure, particularly in the context of his work related to election integrity and voter fraud.
  • Mike Roman was charged in the Georgia RICO case by a state grand jury with seven counts including racketeering conspiracy and conspiracies to commit forgery, to impersonate a public officer, to commit false statements, and to file false documents.

Legacy and Influence

  • Mike Roman’s influence is mainly recognized in the realm of conservative political strategy and election operations.
  • His association with the Trump campaign has been a defining aspect of his public persona, influencing both his professional reputation and his legacy in American politics.

This biography provides a general overview of Mike Roman’s career, particularly in relation to Donald Trump, but it should be noted that much of his life and career remains out of the public spotlight, leading to gaps in the publicly available information.

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