Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator (resigned in disgrace)

Scott Pruitt, the former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, was involved in a series of controversies during his tenure leading to ethics investigations and his resignation.

These included:

  1. Excessive Spending: Utilizing taxpayer funds for first or business class flights, charter flights, and military aircraft, leading to unusually high travel costs.
  2. Security Expenditures: Expanding his security detail to unprecedented levels and incurring significant costs, including around-the-clock protection.
  3. Management Practices: Accusations of creating a secretive work environment at the EPA, reassigning or demoting staff who opposed his spending or management practices.
  4. Housing Arrangements: Leasing a condo in Washington D.C. from a lobbyist couple at a below-market rate, raising ethical concerns.
  5. Use of Government Resources: Allegations of using EPA staff for personal errands and tasks unrelated to his official duties.

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