Trump University ($25m settlement)

Trump University was a for-profit education company founded by Donald Trump in 2004. It was not a traditional university but rather a series of real estate training seminars and courses. Despite its name, it was not accredited as a university, and its operations faced legal challenges.

Key Points:

  1. Founding and Business Model: Trump University was launched as a venture to offer real estate education and training programs. It claimed to provide students with insights into Trump’s real estate success and strategies for financial success.
  2. Lawsuits and Allegations: Almost from its inception, Trump University faced criticism and legal challenges. Multiple lawsuits were filed against Trump University by former students who claimed they were deceived by false advertising and high-pressure sales tactics.
  3. Fraud Allegations: The lawsuits accused Trump University of engaging in deceptive practices, including making false claims about the quality of its programs and the credentials of its instructors. Students alleged that they were misled into spending significant amounts of money with the promise of gaining access to Trump’s real estate secrets.
  4. Settlement: In 2016, shortly before Donald Trump took office as President, he agreed to a $25 million settlement to resolve the lawsuits against Trump University. The settlement covered three separate lawsuits in California and New York.
  5. Admissions of No Wrongdoing: While settling the lawsuits, Donald Trump did not admit to any wrongdoing. However, the settlement was seen as a way to resolve the legal challenges surrounding Trump University without going through a protracted legal battle.
  6. Political Fallout: The controversies surrounding Trump University became a political issue during the 2016 presidential campaign, with opponents using it as an example of Trump’s business practices.

It’s important to note that the settlement of the lawsuits did not involve criminal charges, and Trump University itself did not face a criminal conviction. However, the legal challenges and settlements highlighted issues related to consumer protection and raised questions about the business practices of the education company.

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