Lev Parnas (convicted)

Parnas, a former associate of Donald Trump, faced charges related to campaign finance violations and was involved with Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine for political gain.

Lev Parnas is a Ukrainian-born American businessman who gained public attention due to his association with Donald Trump and his involvement in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump’s impeachment. Born on February 6, 1972, in Odessa, Ukraine, Parnas immigrated to the United States and became involved in various business ventures.

Key Points:

  1. Business Background: Lev Parnas worked in the energy sector and engaged in various business activities, including consulting and trading. He co-founded a company called Fraud Guarantee, which aimed to protect clients from fraud.
  2. Association with Rudy Giuliani: Parnas became associated with Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, around 2018. He worked as an associate of Giuliani, involving himself in efforts related to Ukraine.
  3. Involvement in Ukraine Scandal: Parnas played a role in Giuliani’s efforts to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The controversy revolved around allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, leading to Trump’s first impeachment in December 2019.
  4. Arrest and Legal Issues: In October 2019, Parnas, along with his associate Igor Fruman, was arrested on charges related to campaign finance violations. The charges included allegations of funneling foreign money into U.S. elections. Parnas pleaded not guilty.
  5. Cooperation with Impeachment Inquiry: Following his arrest, Parnas cooperated with the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. He provided documents and testimony suggesting that Trump and Giuliani were aware of and involved in efforts to pressure Ukraine for political gain.
  6. Claims and Controversies: Parnas made various claims about his interactions with Trump, Giuliani, and other figures involved in the Ukraine affair. Some of his statements were controversial, and he faced skepticism from critics.

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