Walt Nauta, Personal Assistant to Trump (indicted)

Walt Nauta, a former personal aide to Donald Trump, was indicted for his alleged involvement in moving and concealing classified documents at Trump’s direction.

Walt Nauta is a former U.S. Navy veteran who worked closely with former President Donald Trump. Originally from Agat, Guam, Nauta served as a valet for Trump during his presidency and later became his personal aide or “body man” at Mar-a-Lago after Trump left office. His role included attending to Trump’s needs and requests, and he was known for fetching Trump’s Diet Cokes while at the White House.

Nauta became significantly involved in legal issues related to the handling of classified documents by Trump. He was accused of moving boxes containing sensitive information at Trump’s direction and then lying about these actions to investigators. In particular, Nauta is said to have played a key role in an alleged scheme with Trump, helping to pack Trump’s boxes before leaving the White House and repeatedly moving them at Mar-a-Lago in response to Trump’s requests. The indictment against them includes several counts, including conspiracy to obstruct justice and making false statements. Nauta faced legal charges alongside Trump and was indicted on several counts, including obstruction of justice and making false statements.

Despite these charges, Trump has spoken highly of Nauta, describing him as a “wonderful man” and a “Great Patriot,” while criticizing the Department of Justice for their actions against him. Trump’s defense of Nauta reflects his continued support for those who have been loyal to him.

Nauta’s trial is scheduled to follow that of Trump, with both defendants facing significant legal challenges. The events involving Nauta and Trump demonstrate the complexities of their relationship and the legal implications of their actions post-presidency

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